Top Slots Game

What is considered to be the Top Slots Game.
In my own, most excellent opinion, without a doubt the Top Slots Game is the various progressive slots. What makes them especially brilliant is that they are much better to play at an Online Casino than they would be, if played at one of its land based cousins. There is a very good reason for this and I will endeavour to explain why I think that the progressive slots should be considered as the Top Slots Game and also why it is much better to play them at home instead of at a land based Casino.

The Top Slots Game is much better when played at home.
If you think very carefully the answer to the question, why the Top Slots game is better played at home, is staring you right in the face. The first and most obvious answer is that the Top Slots Game doesn’t require any dealers, croupiers or for that matter a casino to function. Secondly the chair that you will no doubt spend hours and hours sitting on will be the most uncomfortable plank of wood the casino can find, instead you could be sitting on your couch playing there.

The Top Slots Game doesn’t need a casino to operate.
Everything to do with the Top Slots Game and playing it, is handled by clever computer programmes, so if this is the case then it stands to reason that your formally useless home computer can be transformed into your very own private Top Slots Game, coincidentally one that you will never have to wait to play on, it will be open to you and to you alone. This means you can play your very own Top Slots Game whenever and however you choose, even if you only have a few moments to spare.

What makes the Progressive Slots the Top Slots Game.
The main reason that progressive slots are considered as the Top Slots Game is because they have the highest payouts and jackpots, not only among the other slots machines, but amongst all the other casino games in the world, in fact they have made more instant online millionaires than all other games combined. They are simple to play and easy to understand and the only requirement they have to turn you into a millionaire is that you dedicate a good many hours to playing them, which it is better to spend these hours at home, in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea by your side.