A step forward – Live Dealer Sic Bo

Like many things Online Casino related, Live Dealer Sic Bo was a relative latecomer to the web based gambling world, but like all latecomers it was eager to make up for lost time and since its inception in the latter parts of the 2000’s it has grown into one of the most exciting UK Live Casino Games. Live Dealer Sic Bo owe its recent popularity growth to the various Online Casinos that host it as in the past the game was really only played in Asia and certain land based casinos who went to the trouble to create a special Asian Games section on their casino floors. With the introduction of the internet, the game was able to reach new audiences, especially those, who in the past could not get to the special sections of those few casinos, or for that matter, Asia itself.

The origins of the Sic Bo game

We know the game of Sic Bo originated in ancient China, however the precise date and who invented the game was never documented. What we do know however is that the game of Sic Bo was played around the same time as the game of Keno, by ancient Chinese warriors who used bones crafted into primitive dice and the rice bowls they used to eat with. This makes it possible for us to predict the games origins to around 200BC, where it was played alongside Keno at the time. What we do know is that the game was one of the many that became famous during the rise of Macau in 1847, when the then Portuguese government granted various licenses to Casinos, which led to the rise in the popularity of the game. It wasn’t long before Sic Bo made it across the sea to European and American casinos, before being introduced as the simple Online Sic Bo game in the early 1990’s when the first Online Casinos began to operate.

Live Dealer Sic Bo and the Live Dealer Online Casinos that have made the game famous

Live Dealer Sic Bo, as mentioned earlier, was a bit of a latecomer to the Live Dealer Online Casino as many of the worlds gamblers preferred to stick with games that they both knew and knew how to play. There was just no space for a new upstart alongside the more established games such as Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat. However the powers that be decided that Live Dealer Sic Bo was just too good a game to let slip into the darkness and with the help of various promotions, tournaments, special bonuses and free games, Live Dealer Sic Bo began to gain new recognition and as such began to grow into one of the most exciting UK Live Casino Games. As good as promotions are, they will never be able to beat the promoting capabilities of word of mouth and as more people began to play, they would no doubt inform their friends, families and work colleagues of the brilliance of Live Dealer Sic Bo.

How to play Live Dealer Sic Bo

Sic Bo means dice pair and dice bowl respectively, so as you can imagine, the game is played with three die and a bowl of some sort. Today’s modern technology allows us to play with electronic dice shakers and even random number generators which are used in most of the UK Live Casino Games to make rolls completely random, therefore allowing everybody equal opportunity to win. The game begins like many UK Live Casino Games with bets being placed. The point of Live Dealer Sic Bo is to roll three die and correctly predict the outcome of the roll. Although this sounds extremely difficult, the Sic Bo board has enough choices and combinations to make choosing a fairly simple task. Combinations such as 1 and 2, 2 and 3, also double sixes, triple sixes and hi numbers or low numbers (hi – lo being another name for the game). It is one of the simplest UK Live Casino Games to play, even if the board looks immensely difficult to understand, after a few games of Live Dealer Sic Bo, even the most gambling challenged will be relative experts.