Live Dealer Roulette, the game of Kings, brought to your front door

Roulette is a game steeped in history and the Live Dealer Roulette game you shall read about today is just one more tale in a story that spans the ages. Live Dealer Roulette is just one more step in the evolution of one of the most popular casino games in the world and as the technology of the our generation gets better and better, cheaper and cheaper, we are being given newer, better and more convenient ways to enjoy our preferred methods of gambling. In this particular instance we will focus on Live Dealer Roulette and the effect it is having on the UK Casino Games market, including where the game came from, its increase in popularity and the effect it is having on the Live Dealer Online Casinos.

When the world met the Roulette Game

It was in the early parts of the 18th century that the game of Roulette was invented in France by a mathematician by the name of Blaise Pascal who invented the game, completely by mistake as he sought to create the one first perpetual motion machines. Due to the popularity of gambling at the time, the game took off and was soon to become one of the most widely played casino games in all of Europe. After its creation, the game found its way into the many casinos of Monaco, Monte Carlo, Paris and most notably the German spa and casino town of Homburg. It was then played by the likes of royalty and even though the more common man did enjoy the odd spin of the wheel, in those days it was far too expensive to be enjoyed on a wide scale. With the conquest of the new world nearing completion, French gambling enthusiasts took the game with them on the ships bound for America, most notably, New Orleans and New York and from here it spread further in land to become, not just a European favourite, but an American one as well.

Online Roulette and the Live Dealer Roulette game it spawned

With the introduction of the Internet and Online Casinos in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Roulette was taken global and with land based casinos becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult to reach and due to the fact that computers and internet was becoming cheaper and faster, Online Roulette quickly became the preferred method of playing for many. This did however come with a few problems, the most significant of these being the deep seated mistrust in the programmes and random number generators used to run UK Casino Games and the social interaction that was lost, the game began to decline in popularity, until the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin created the Live Dealer Online Casinos which combined the simplicity and convenience of playing Online, with the social interaction and trustworthy nature of having a Live Dealer controlling all aspects of the game, which gave way to a further rise in the game, and turning into one of the most played UK Casino Games to be found on the internet.

How to play Live Dealer Roulette

Like most Online UK Casino Games, a game of Live Dealer Roulette begins with the placing of bets. This is what makes the Live Dealer Roulette game unique among other, ordinary Online Casino games as the betting is done using your computer, which you can use to place chips on the various parts of the board. Once the bets have been completed, the Live Dealer will spin the wheel, place the ball and wait for it to land before informing you which number the ball landed on (cameras also follow the wheel and the ball so you can see what is happening for yourself) once the ball has landed on the appropriate number, the winner will be notified and paid out accordingly at which point the entire Live Dealer Roulette process will begin again.