An introduction to Live Dealer Poker

Before the introduction of Live Dealer Poker, Online Poker games had not yet reached the popularity heights it so deserved. Even though it was still one of the most widely played Casino Games, it was still sitting a miserable second behind its arch rival, the game of Slots. The biggest problem Online Poker faced was the deep seated mistrust many people had for the technology that was used to run the various games, in particular the Random Number Generators, which were believed to turn the odds in favour of the house. Even though it was widely proven that this statement was inaccurate, it still dissuaded many people from playing Online Poker.

Live Dealer Poker to the rescue.

With the introduction of the Live Dealer Online Casinos in 2006, Poker finally began to grow in popularity again and with the help of Online Casinos that offered Live Dealer Poker Games, the game began to grow at a rapid rate as it now had audiences from all walks of live playing, those who loved the convenience of the Online Casino, but who still maintained their loyalty to the old ways by insisting the Poker games were controlled by an actual dealer and not a computer programme (even if it was a very clever one). Live Dealer Poker Games effectively combine the two mediums, the convenience of the Online Casino with the human interaction provided by land based casinos to create one of the best ways to play poker.

How Do UK Live Casino Games work?

Like many Online Casinos, UK Live Casino Games are run via the internet, but instead of using clever programmes and random number generators to run the Live Dealer Poker Games, everything is handled by a human dealer. During the game you will be able to view and communicate with the dealer via a live web broadcast, allowing you to sit at home in complete comfort, watching the game unfold in a real life Casino. During the game, you get to enjoy the benefits of a Live Dealer Poker game without having to worry about the computer cheating you out of vast sums of your hard earned money, even though this would never happen, it still gives many players complete peace of mind.

The ins and outs of a Live Dealer Poker Game.

Depending on what Live Dealer Poker game you will be playing, Texas Hold Em or Five Card Draw, the first thing you will need to know is how to play the aforementioned Live Dealer Poker game, they are, after all, real UK Live Casino Games, played with real money against real people and if you try to compete against people who know how to play, you will risk losing bucket loads of money. If you know how to play Poker, the next thing you will need is a comfortable chair – after all, you will be sitting in it for ages. A laptop or computer is also vitally important, as well as an internet connection – otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy all the benefits of UK Live Casino Games. Credit cards or financial intermediaries are used to handle deposits and withdraws, so one of those is also useful and of course, you will need to be a member of a Live Dealer Online Casino, in order to get access to the various Live Dealer Poker Rooms and Live Dealer Poker Tables.