An Introduction to Live Dealer Baccarat

Although Online Casinos and Baccarat have been around for many years, Live Dealer Baccarat is still fairly new. It began in the early 2000’s and was introduced as a way to bridge the gap between the traditional land based casinos, and the newer, less trusted, Online Casinos. Even though the various Web based Casinos are brilliant and completely safe, many people still have a deep seated mistrust in the various computer programmes that are used to run the various UK Casino Games, in particular the Random Number Generators, especially when they are on a particularly bad losing streak, they prefer instead to be able to see the cards being shuffled, dealt and counted by an actual person (a particularly pretty one at that) and not some nameless, faceless programme.

Origins of the Live Dealer Casino

The first Live Dealer Casino was introduced in 2006 by DublinBet Online Casino, its gaming company Vuetec and the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin. Since then Live Dealer Baccarat has become one of the most played Live UK Casino Games. Even though DublinBet, VueTec and the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club were the first to introduce Live Dealer Baccarat, or for that matter Live Dealer Casino Games in general, other Online Casinos and Casino Games Manufacturers were quick to jump on the bandwagon, creating newer and better Live Dealer platforms for the world to enjoy. This in no way means that the creators are anything short of brilliant, it just means that you as the discerning Casino Gamer, have more choices.

The day Baccarat began.

It was the in the late 1400’s that the first recollections of Baccarat are found. During the rule of King Charles VIII his army was occupying various Italian cities, most notably Florence and Naples. It was here that the French troops picked up on the game of Baccarat when they were whiling away the hours in the various Roman Villas devoted to gambling. After having looted as much as they could, the French troops often had some money left over to enjoy a bit of a wager and once the war finished and the troops returned home, they took with them the game of Baccarat or as it was known then “Chemin de Fer” (way of iron – in relation to the way the game was played, in an iron box). Over the years the game grew in popularity, but was restricted to Europe with the American audience preferring Poker and it wasn’t until the advent of the Online Casino, that the game went truly global.

How to play Live Dealer Baccarat.

Live Dealer Baccarat is one of the easiest and most prolific card games to play as the house edge is lower than that of any other Casino Game. The whole point of Live Dealer Baccarat is to get as close to nine as possible. The hands in Baccarat is what confuses people the most – in the beginning, however they are simple to play with once you get the gist of it, the hands of Live Dealer Baccarat are as follows:

  • - Cards 2 – 9 are worth their face value, i.e. 2 = 2, 3 = 3.
  • - Face cards and tens are worth zero (10, J, Q, K)
  • - Aces are worth 1
  • - Card values are calculated by their rightmost value ( 2 + 3 = 5, 5 + 6 = 1 – not 11 as only the rightmost number counts, 5 + 5 = zero – only the 0 at the end of 10 counts)
  • - Highest Live Dealer Baccarat score is 9
  • - Lowest score is 0 (also known as “Baccarat”)

There are only three possible outcomes in Baccarat, namely the player winning, the dealer winning or for the game to be tied. You will not have to win a hand of Live Dealer Baccarat to win the game as you can bet on the dealer to win. The game starts with you placing a bet on the three options namely “the Player”, “the Dealer” and “Tie”. After this two cards will be dealt to the player/s and the dealer respectively. If more cards are required, then they will be dealt automatically with the person having card values that are closest to the value nine being chosen as the Live Dealer Baccarat winner.