Cast your mind back to your childhood for a second

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I certainly had no idea what a was. I did, however, know a remarkably great deal about things like Ice Climber, Tekken and Super Mario Bros. These were my method of escapology; my way of shutting the world off for a few minutes to blow up some dragons and beat some bad guys into the ground with my roundhouse kick. The only prize I got for this was my high score, and knowing that I had killed another level and could now move on to tackling the next one.

Obviously as one grows up, one wants slightly more. High scores and level-up’s were no longer enough to keep me coming back for more. So what’s a video game fanatic with a case of the over 18’s to do? Find a flash casino to play at, that’s what. The term flash casino may be new to you, but it’s nothing scary. Flash casino simply means an online casino that is played through your browser as opposed to a download based one. Here you can play video-esque games to your heart’s content and win actual cash when you “level up”. Not only do you get to play games with millions of themes and countless bonus levels, but you also score yourself something called a : free play or money from the casino as a thanks simply for joining up.

I can picture 12 year old me now; sitting cross legged on the carpet in front of my Mother’s old TV set, bent over my cartridge consol agonizing over which of the 50 games on the cartridge to play next. 24 year old me knows that there is an infinity of flash casino games online for me to choose from, and 24 year old me love it. There are very few good things about growing up; flash casinos are one of them.